An integrated service of technics and technology to customer for better living environment.

We offer a range of services from design, fitting out, construction works, installation of E&M equipment, system commissioning to both newly built and refurnishment projects.  

With our strategic partners in fields of control automation, air-condition and building renovation for many years, our integral team of contractors are well experienced to ensure the works are being operated to recognized standards and kept on running in a managed maintenance. Our company commitment to customers' satisfaction is fully supported by documented procedures and skillful workforce to ensure the highest standards of services delivered.

Our scope of works include :-


Building automation and servicing,

Electric wirings and commissioning,

Air-conditioning installation and maintenance,

Signage design and installation,

Decorative LED for building facade

Plumbing and pumping works etc..

We have just devoted much efforts to the development of LED lightings with our own design and application.


We highly believe that you will be impressed by its state-of-the-art technology and thoughtful design that benefit operation costs and electricity consumption.  By taking advantage of our Internet Shopping Web, you are much more convenient in choosing the right products and enjoy a special discount on retailing price on existing market. 

Technica Integrated Engineering

Co. Ltd.

Unit 10, 22/F., Blk A,

Wah Lok Ind. Centre,

31-41 Shan Mei Street,

Fotan, N.T.,

Hong Kong.


Tel: (852) 5802 2099

Fax: (852) 37554468


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